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I hereby acknowledge that all information submitted via this registration form is accurate and ULTRA Carnival will not be held liable for any acts or omissions on my part.

Deposit: I understand that I will not be considered successfully registered until I make the stipulated non-refundable deposit of the costume package price. Therefore, I understand that ULTRA Carnival will not accept my registration form unless I have made the stipulated nonrefundable deposit of the costume package price.

Full Payment: I acknowledge that full payment of my costume package must be rendered to ULTRA Carnival on or before the deadline stipulated by ULTRA Carnival. I acknowledge that failure to render full payment by the deadline will result in my costume packages entering the resale marketplace so that ULTRA Carnival can recoup the costs associated to create a costume package that is not fully paid for. I acknowledge that all costume packages are considered the property of ULTRA Carnival until they are paid in full by the stipulated deadline.

Changes: I acknowledge once I submit registration information to ULTRA Carnival, I will not be allowed to make any changes. As such, there will be:

  • No section switching

  • No changing of body suit styles

  • No feather upgrades or downgrades

  • No costume transfers

  • No changing of measurements or sizes

Refund Policy: I acknowledge that ALL registration deposits are non-refundable and nontransferrable for any reason outside of ULTRA Carnival’s control. Additionally, ULTRA Carnival will not offer credits to another year for any reason outside of ULTRA Carnival’s control unless outlined in the Force Majeure clause.

Chargeback Policy: I acknowledge that if I file any unethical or unwarranted chargeback claims, I will be permanently banned from ULTRA Carnival. If I have any issue with ULTRA Carnival, I will resolve the matter amicably by contacting an ULTRA Carnival representative via

Code of Conduct: I understand that I could be expelled from ULTRA Carnival for the following reasons:

  • Attempting or making fraudulent payments

  • Initiating unauthorized chargebacks

  • Fighting

  • Disturbing or disrupting the peace and enjoyment of another reveler

  • Disrespectful, demeaning, discriminatory abusive, racist, obscene or harassing behavior toward ULTRA Carnival’s owners, staff, entertainers, sponsors, affiliates and fellow revelers

  • Possessing weapons such as guns and knives

  • Possessing any illegal substance and this not limited to narcotics

  • Smoking

  • Destroying or vandalizing property belonging to ULTRA Carnival, its staff, entertainers, sponsors, fellow revelers, affiliates or onlookers

  • Engaging in any illegal activities

  • Giving drinks or food to revelers or onlookers who are not registered with ULTRA Carnival

Costume Distribution: I acknowledge that I must collect my costume on the stipulated distribution dates for my section. Distribution Dates may be shared by e-mail, on ULTRA Carnival’s website or via ULTRA Carnival’s social media channels. I acknowledge that it is my duty to stay abreast of all ULTRA Carnival updates.

Alterations: I acknowledge that ULTRA Carnival is not responsible for alterations to any costume garments. ULTRA Carnival may make recommendations but the reveler is responsible for any alterations that are required beyond ULTRA Carnival’s control.

Indemnification: I hereby agree to indemnify and hold ULTRA Carnival harmless from and against any and all claims, injuries, damages, liabilities, losses and cost or expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from or in connection with my acts, omissions, activities, conduct and/ or participation in the 2023 Sugar Mas 51 St. Kitts-Nevis Grand Carnival Parade, Last Lap and any events activities hosted by the ULTRA Carnival. I hereby further declare that I fully acknowledge the risks of physical or other injury associated herewith.

Communicable Diseases: I recognize and acknowledge that I may be exposed to the COVID-19 virus or other communicable diseases or illness while participating in the 2023 Sugar Mas 51 St. Kitts-Nevis Grand Carnival Parade and Last Lap Festivities.

As such, I voluntarily assume all risks, hazards and dangers incidental to my registration and/or participation with ULTRA Carnival during the 2023 Sugar Mas 51 St. Kitts-Nevis Grand Carnival Parade and Last Lap Festivities. I further acknowledge that I will comply with any health and safety protocols that may be in place during the 2023 Sugar Mas 51 St. Kitts-Nevis Grand Carnival Parade and Last Lap Festivities. I am fully aware that ULTRA Carnival reserves the right to refuse entry or remove an individual including myself from participating in the 2023 Sugar Mas 51 St. Kitts-Nevis Grand Carnival Parade and Last Lap Festivities if any such protocols are breached.

I acknowledge and affirm that registering to participate in ULTRA Carnival serves as full acceptance of these terms and my agreement to fully comply.

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